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Antiquities Munich Mediaguide

2.82 usd

Experience Greeks, Etruscans and Romans first hand in the Collections of Antiquities on Königsplatz. Works of art made of ceramic, metal and stone allow visitors to immerse themselves in the ancient world. Masterpieces of pottery, small-scale sculpture in bronze or terracotta, gold work and lapidary work but also glass blowing are presented here. The time scale begins with the Cycladic Culture of the Aegean region in the 3rd century BC and leads up into the Late Antiquity in the 5th century AD.This Mediaguide offers you three different guided tours to experience one of the most important collections of Greek and Roman art in the world. The App contains detailed informations and exciting stories about most of the exhibits as text, audio, video or picture. Of course you can also use the guide at home and take a virtual tour through the museum.
We look forward to your visit.